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Radio 47 Presenter Billy Miya Reacts To Netizens Criticizing His Mud House

“Nyumba ya matope na uko na pesa? Wewe mzee jenga nyumba ya maana!” Netizens tell Billy Miya.

Radio presenter Billy Miya Odhiambo recently found himself at the center of public discourse when he shared a photo of himself posing proudly beside his traditional mud house, as he posed against his sleek car. The image has since sparked a wave of reactions, creating a buzz on various social media platforms across Kenya.

In Luo culture, the traditional mud house, known as Simba, holds immense cultural significance. According to insiders, it is a structure that is never demolished but rather undergoes renovation. This cultural insight has provided context to Miya’s decision to maintain and showcase his modest village home, leading to a deeper understanding of the photograph’s symbolism.

The reactions from Kenyans on social media have been swift and diverse. Many have applauded Miya for staying true to his roots, interpreting the image as a powerful embodiment of humility and authenticity while others wished he could build a modern house because he has the means and money.

During December holidays netizens compete to show their homes as individuals struggle with the pressures of modernization and to show off their status.

In a digital age where material success often takes center stage, The mud house still has meaning and cultural importance amidst the rapid transformations of the modern world.

Billy Miya captioned his mud house photo saying,”Dead Capital Redefined!”


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