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Ringtone Begs Eric Omondi For Forgiveness For Allegedly “Having Siex” With His Mother

Ringtone says, “Eric Omondi please forgive me for having lungula with your mother.”

In the world of entertainment, clashes and controversies are not uncommon. The Kenyan entertainment scene has witnessed a dramatic turn of events after gospel artist Ringtone, known for his endless shenanigans and bold personality, publicly begged fellow comedian Eric Omondi for forgiveness.

This unexpected plea for reconciliation has sparked conversations after Ringtone mentioned Eric Omondi’s aunt and mother in his nonsensical video where he claims he slept with Eric’s mother.

Ringtone further begs the comedian not to soil his name anymore as he accepts he’s a sinner and immoral.

The two have thrown dirt at each other many times before, but this, will escalate their unknown beef further.

The feud could potentially have been fueled by various factors, including competition for attention and success in the entertainment industry, private personal differences, and differing viewpoints on what constitutes appropriate content and behavior in the public eye.

As a social media amplified the feud, and with the disrespect now in the video, reconciliation will remain a distant dream.

Although Ringtone has expressed his deep regret for the hurt and embarrassment he had caused Eric and his family, whatever he says in the video will not be taken lightly by Eric Omondi and his family members.

Ringtone is known for clout chasing but netizens now feel he could be facing mental challenges and want him checked at a mental facility immediately.


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