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“Hakuna Kitu Ngumu Kama Kuacha Lollipop Ya Samidoh!” Karen Nyamu Replies To Fan Attack

Fan anasema Karen Nyamu anapenda lollipop ukipenda mjulus, mjulubeng ya Samidoh!

Karen Nyamu is no stranger to the limelight. Often making headlines for her political endeavors and personal life, Nyamu gets reminded of her lover and baby daddy Samidoh in most of her posts on social media.

As Karen Nyamu posted a photo of her daughter explain there’s nothing harder than taking away lollipop candy from her mouth, a netizen decided to compare her and the way she adores Samidoh.

The fan’s comment, written in Swahili, reads, “Hakuna kitu ngumu kama kuacha lollipop ya Samidoh!” which translates to “There’s nothing as hard as quitting Samidoh’s lollipop!” The phrase “lollipop” here is a metaphorical reference to Samidoh’s mjulubeng.

Without hesitation, Karen Nyamu fired back with a witty and equally humorous response, “Nyamaza ama nikuje hapo!”

This exchange sent social media users into a frenzy, with the post quickly going viral. Nyamu’s humorous comeback demonstrated her ability to handle criticism with a light-hearted touch, and it showcased how she stands up for her man, Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s relationship sparked debates and discussions on social media, as Samidoh was already married to Edday Nderitu at the time. The couple’s love affair brought them both under intense scrutiny, and Karen faced her fair share of criticism during that period and the attacks continue to date.

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