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Joy As Samidoh’s Cousin Bernice Sees Off Edday Nderitu’s Kids To School In The US

“I think Edday won green card and she exempted Samidoh from it ama how did this happen Eddie is very wise and I’m happy for her.” “The best decision Edday made was to move away from drama,” Netizens claim.

In a world that is ruthless and full of selfishness, there are moments that shine brightly as symbols of love, unity, and friendship. Such a moment has unfolded right before us with Bernice Saroni, cousin to popular Kenyan musician Samidoh, took on the role of a supportive friend and guardian to Edday Nderitu as she relocated with her kids to the US.

In a touching video, Bernice, who resides in the United States, showed immense kindness and care by escorting Samidoh’s and Edday’s children to school, leaving a trail of joy and appreciation from netizens.

The heartwarming journey of Bernice Saroni’s support began earlier this year when Edday Nderitu, a close friend of both Bernice and Samidoh, found herself in the United States with her children. As a single mother, Edday faced the challenge of ensuring her kids had access to quality education in a foreign land.

Bernice Saroni Fumes With Anger After Being Criticized For Employing Samidoh's Wife As Her Maid In USBernice, a US-based content creator, stepped in with an act of kindness that garnered admiration and love from netizens.

In August, she enrolled Samidoh and Edday’s two children, Shirleen and Michael, in a US school, opening up new dreams and opportunities for the young and innocent kids.

In the now viral video, Bernice accompanies Shirleen and Michael as they go to school. The children are seen wearing green t-shirts and khaki trousers, excitedly with their school bags for the day.

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