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Rayvanny Throws Shades At His Ex Paula Kajala, Accuses Her Of Using Caro Light

“Sikukumbuki wala sikumiss, usijivimbishe wala sikukumbuki,” Rayvanny told Frida Kajala’s daughter Paula.

Rayvanny made the remarks while performing in the ongoing Wasafi festival in Songea.

The bongo artist heaped praises on his baby mama and current girlfriend Fahyma while slamming Paula for using skin lightening products.

“Mpaka sasa hivi niko na mtoto yuko light, ana bright nishamsahau yule wa zamani mpaka caro light,” he said in a song.

He further criticized Paula’s relationship with singer Marioo.

“Katoka kwa msanii kaenda kwa msanii hivi kwa nini wanawake hamsikii,” Rayvanny said.


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Rayvanny confirmed that he was no longer dating Paula in September last year through a song.

The duo have however been exchanging words online over their failed relationship.

In the recent past, Rayvanny accused Paula of sleeping his brother whom he respects so much in the music industry.

“I seduced you because of love but there is a time when love dies. I’m not your enemy and I’m not at war with you. I am proud of you and your new relationship but you don’t know why we breakup up and let me tell you… the day you fucked my brother whom I respect so much in my music career, I knew that was the end of our,” the father of one stated.

Paula on the other hand defended herself accusing Rayvanny of being a cheat. According to her, Rayvanny cheated on her with her employee.

“Did you take me to that your brother? Do you have any evidence? Don’t spoil my name, it’s enough…. You even used to seduce my friends. You used to sleep with a lady who used to work in my shop and give her money. Please leave me alone. Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, you know very well and you know how messy I can get,” Paula said.


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