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Bernice Saroni Advises Baby Mamas Sharing A Man Who Love Drama All The Time

“Baby mama wacheni drama!” Bernice Saroni,a cousin to Samidoh advises.

In today’s complex world of modern relationships, where blended families and co-parenting arrangements are increasingly common, US-based Kenyan music promoter Bernice Saroni has shared her invaluable insights and advice for baby mamas navigating the tricky terrain of sharing a man, without creating love drama.

Saroni’s message is clear, and she says, prioritize a drama-free relationship with your child’s father. “When a mother fulfills her responsibilities, her child will always love her forever,” Saroni passionately states.

One of the key points in Saroni’s advice is the crucial role fathers play in their children’s lives. She encourages mothers to welcome and support fathers who express a desire to be actively involved in their children’s upbringing. “There are so many women who wish their baby daddies were responsible and involved in their children’s lives,” Saroni argues.

She, however acknowledges a common issue in co-parenting dynamics, unnecessary drama. Saroni urges mothers to avoid creating problems when their ex-partners move on and start dating someone else. She firmly differentiates between being together as a couple and co-parenting after a split. “Stop wanting to know what he is doing or whom he is dating if you are co-parenting,” she advises.

Saroni also reminds mothers not to resort to insults or excessive inquiries about their ex-partner’s personal life. “You do not have to insult the other woman. You call him, and he does not pick up. It does not have to be a case. It is not a must he picks up your call. He could be busy or with his lover,” she sensibly suggests.

Importantly, Saroni highlights the significance of maintaining a respectful and open channel of communication between co-parents. She emphasizes that using derogatory language or pressuring the child for information about their father only brings more pain and distress into one’s life.

"Polygamy Is NOT For Boys" Khalwale Slams Samidoh For Being Clueless About Managing His Wives“He is your ex but still the father of your child. He may not love you anymore, but he loves his child. He may not be a good husband or partner, but he is a great dad. Learn to differentiate between the two things. Fighting against the child’s relationship with their father will not bring you two back together,” Saroni wisely puts it.

In recent times, male celebrities have publicly aired their frustrations about co-parenting difficulties, often pointing to their baby mamas as obstacles in their relationships with their children. Some of these disputes have escalated into legal battles and public social media spats.

Saroni who is Samidoh cousin, took Edday Nderitu at her home in the US where she relocated with her kids for what Edday claimed was for their mental sake.

Edday has since settled in, the kids are already in schoool. Her nemesis, Karen Nyamu get to enjoy further more from Samidoh as recently witnessed in his Australia Tour.

@mamakeboyzofficial if a baby dady wants to be responsible with his child let him be.. baby mama wacheni drama. #nairobitiktokers #mamakeboyz #productofgrace #coparenting #babamama #children ♬ original sound – Mamakeboyzofficial

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