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 “Provide Screenshots to Support Claims” Matubia Defends Herself Amidst Controversy

In the world of entertainment, conflicts often arise behind the scenes, shedding light on the complexities of collaboration and recognition.

Recently, actress Matubia found herself embroiled in controversy when fellow thespian Rowa accused her of failing to credit her for her contributions to Matubia’s series, “Toxic”.

Rowa took to Instagram to air her grievances, revealing that she had reached out to Matubia to request proper recognition for her involvement in the production team.

However, Matubia’s alleged reluctance to respond led Rowa to publicly call her out, emphasizing the importance of spelling her name correctly in any credits.

“Jackie Matubia just called me bitter and insecure just because I asked for my credits on her show to be written correctly. Bitter and insecure and you can’t spell my name correctly,” Rowa expressed on her Instagram stories, highlighting her frustration with the situation.

Despite the brewing controversy, Rowa urged fans to continue supporting “Toxic,” even though she and others involved had not received their due compensation.

Her call for viewership, albeit with a hint of irony, underscored the complexities of the situation.

In response to Rowa’s allegations, Matubia defended herself, challenging Rowa to provide evidence of their conversation.

Matubia emphasized the importance of transparency, urging Rowa to share screenshots to support her claims.

“She saying I talked rude, if you want to come out and say someone has done, don’t quote, give the screenshots,” Matubia stated, seeking clarity and resolution amidst the escalating tensions.

As fans eagerly await further developments, the dispute between Matubia and Rowa serves as a reminder of the challenges inherent in the entertainment industry, where recognition and compensation are often contentious issues.

Until more evidence comes to light, the fate of “Toxic” and the resolution of this conflict remain uncertain.

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