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“Pritty Vishy Asione!” Stevo Simple Boy Spends Valentine’s Day With A New Woman

“Kwani unakuwanga na bibi mpya kila mwaka?” Netizens ask Stevo Simple Boy.

Stevo Simple Boy surprised many by spending the day not with his wife but with a new woman, notable for her unusual height.

Sharing a video capturing their moments together, Stevo captioned it simply, “My Valentine,” sparking a flurry of reactions and questions from netizens.

The unexpected shift in Stevo’s romantic status didn’t go unnoticed, with many wondering what had transpired between him and his wife.

Stevo’s quick transition to a new relationship raised eyebrows, particularly given his past with his ex-partner, Pritty Vishy.

Stevo’s relationship history has been marked by ups and downs, notably his highly publicized breakup with Pritty Vishy. Their split, attributed to marital disagreements and financial strain, garnered significant attention, especially with Pritty Vishy occasionally making headlines by referencing their past together.

Despite the challenges of his previous relationship, Stevo seems to have wasted no time in moving on, embracing a new romantic connection. His choice to spend Valentine’s Day with a new partner left many netizens with questions.


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