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Photos of Charles Ouda’s Cremation At The Karikor Crematorium

Charles Ouda’s fiancée Ciru Muriuki broke down in tears as the late actor was being cremated at the Kariokor Crematorium in Nairobi.

Ouda’s journey on earth came to an end on Thursday, February 15, 2024, as family and friends bid final goodbye to him.

A requiem mass for the deceased was held at All Saints Cathedral on Thursday and mourners were allowed to view the body.


After the mass at All Saints Cathedral, the remains of Charles Ouda was taken to the Karikor Crematorium for last rites.

Before the late actor was cremated, his family placed white roses on top of the caskets, which showed love and admiration for his work.

Ciru Muriuki was nearly collapsing as watched Ouda’s body being led into the fire for cremation.


Ciru broke down in tears as she asked God to help him overcome the grief, a moment that left many teary.


The 41-year-old media personality shed tears as friends Patricia Kihoro and Silas Miami and other relatives comforted her during her fiance’s cremation.

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