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“I’m Ho*ny” Prince Mwiti Exposes Gay Man Seducing Him For Siex With Nvde Photos

“Alafu nakumiss, I’m ho*ny!” Githaiga tells Prince Mwiti after sending him sultry to seduce him for siex.

Prince Mwiti has on many times shown gay tendencies on his social media post.

If you’re someone who enjoys scrolling through TikTok, chances are you’ve come across Prince Mwiti, a popular Tiktoker from Kenya. He’s well-known for his signature catchphrase “Four one one (411),” which signals that he’s about to spill some hot gossip. Despite his fame, Prince Mwiti hasn’t been able to steer clear of controversy.

With millions of views on his TikTok videos, Prince Mwiti has built a sizable following. His outspoken nature and tendency to share controversial content have led many influential TikTokers to block him. Despite this, his loyal followers continue to tune in for the latest updates on celebrity scandals and juicy gossip.

Recently, Prince Mwiti shocked his fans by exposing a man named Githaiga who had been sending him inappropriate messages on WhatsApp. Sharing screenshots of their chat on his social media platforms, Prince Mwiti revealed Githaiga’s attempts to seduce him with sultry photos and sweet words.

The tweet on X sparked discussions among Prince Mwiti’s followers, with many expressing shock and disappointment at Githaiga’s actions.

Some praised Prince Mwiti for speaking out against such behavior, calling for the importance of setting boundaries and calling out inappropriate conduct, especially online.

Prince Mwiti


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