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“Wanakulana Kafkaf?” KTN Speaks After Kaswende Outbreak Is Reported At The Media House

Netizens were shocked to hear that journalists were chewing each other like sugarcane and an outbreak of Syphilis was spreading like bush fire at KTN allegedly.

Recent reports have stirred controversy in the media world as claims of a syphilis outbreak at KTN surfaced, leading to heated discussions among journalists and news outlets.

However, The Star and Kenyans have denounced these claims as fake, urging the public to be cautious about viral posts circulating on social media platforms.

The alleged news report, supposedly from The Star’s Corridors of Power segment, detailed a situation where a senior anchor at KTN was quarantined due to suspected syphilis transmission within the newsroom.

The post further mentioned considerations of sending weekend staff home and raised concerns about the moral conduct of senior anchors, hinting at “raunchy parties” and a decline in workplace ethics on X formerly Twitter from users.


The response from The Star, Kenyans, and other reputable sources emphasizes the importance of verifying information before sharing it widely.

Fake news and sensationalized stories not only tarnish reputations but also create unnecessary panic and confusion among the public.

KTN say this is a malicious online attack to their media and brand.


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