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Photos Of Nakuru Barmaid Shot By Drunk Cop Who Refused To Pay Ksh16,000 Bill 

A drunk cop shot indiscriminately at a Nakuru club killing barmaid and injured 3 others revelers.

The officer attached to Nakuru Central Police Station opened fire at the Vegas Club in Nakuru City in the wee hours of Wednesday, December 13, 2023.

The 2 am incident occurred after a dispute over a Ksh16,000 bill.

The officer picked a quarrel with the bartender over the bill before he brandished his gun and started shooting people indiscriminately.

The 30-year-old barmaid was killed on the spot while three others were injured in the incident.

The three were rushed to Nakuru Level Five Hospital where they are receiving treatment.

Those who sustained gunshot wounds include Mr Benjamin Kote, 27, who was shot in the lower left chest, Edwin Apungana, 33, with two gunshot wounds in the upper abdomen and Laura Kwasira, 26, with multiple gunshot wounds in the pelvis, abdomen and chest.

The body of the deceased is at Kwa Jack’s mortuary in Nakuru City awaiting a post-mortem.

The officer, who was arrested and disarmed shortly after the incident, is being held in an isolation cell at Nakuru’s Kaptembwa police station.

He will be charged in court once investigations into the incident have been completed.

A Jericho pistol with two rounds of 9mm ammunition believed to have been used in the shooting was recovered. Six spent cartridges were also recovered.

It is not yet clear why the officer, who was not on duty, had a weapon.

Police said he would be charged with the murder of the bartender.


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