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“Wewe Ni Vajo?” Peter Salasya Meets Lavyn Shantell And Asks Her If She’s A Virgin

“Nimemuliza kama bado ni vajo, akanijibu nitajua tu! Aki sasa nitajua aje?” Peter Salasya asks after dinner date with the curvaceous Lavyn.

MP Peter Salasya recently met with Lavyn Shantell, a woman from Kakamega who made headlines by carrying a placard declaring her readiness to be his wife, despite earlier comments that she was too big for him to handle. The meeting sparked interest after Shantell’s viral plea for marriage to the Mumias East MP.

Lavyn took to the streets, proudly displaying a placard bearing her contact information alongside a bold request: “MP PK Salasya marry me. Ready to settle,” she proclaimed.

In response, Peter Salasya humorously addressed the situation. He referred to Shantell as a “big machine” and expressed doubts about his ability to handle such a “machine,” implying it would be a daunting task.

“Naskia hii ikitrend. Hii machine ni kubwa sana sidhani kaa niko na nguvu ya kuendesha hii machine nitashindwa na kazi sitaki kudharauliwa kwa sasa,” he wrote.

After meeting Lavyn, Salasya posted on his social media asking how he would know if she was a virgin.

“Nimekutana Leo na huyo dem alibeba placard ati ananitaka 😄 🤣 😂 nimemuliza kama bado ni vajo akanijibu nitajua tu aki sasa nitajua aje?” Peter Salasya asks.


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