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Pastor Kanyari Admits His Sister Wahu Starlet Was Killed Because Of Lust For Good Life

Kanyari pitied his late sister who was lured to an Airbnb in South B, Nairobi with the promise of being paid Ksh20,000 after a night of sex.

While preaching in his church, Kanyari lamented that people are dying because of the unnecessary burdens they carry, often fueled by the desire for wealth and fame.

“People are dying because of pressure. You are admiring things you can’t afford. You take a loan to afford those things. Some are hiding in their houses because they have outstanding loans to pay and they are celebrities,” he said.

Kanyari further cited recent tragic incidents that saw young people killed, mentioning his own sister Wahu Starlet and late TikToker Wahu Starlet.

He warned against the perilous allure of celebrity culture.

“Brian Chira started abusing alcohol when his star had just started shining. And because of pressure, Chira is more. He is dead. Starlet Wahu, my sister, died because of the pressure of a good lifestyle and becoming a celebrity.

“People are dying because of unnecessary pressure. You want to be like that friend of yours, but you don’t know the secret behind their success,” Kanyari said.

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