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Patrick Brady Seeks Help To Return To Ireland After Kenyan Girlfriend Finished His Money

“Kenyans mna heartbreak mpaka watumishi wa Mungu?” Netizens react to sad story of Patrick Brady.

Patrick Brady, an Irish man who arrived in Kenya in November to meet a Kenyan lady is now penniless and stranded.

The relationship did not unfold as expected, and after exhausting all his savings, Brady claims he has been left abandoned by the lady.

Now facing financial distress and with no means to return to Ireland, Brady is reaching out to the online community on TikTok, appealing for assistance.

The stranded Irishman, who has three children awaiting his return in Ireland, hopes that compassionate netizens will come forward to support him in raising funds for his journey back home.

The flight back to Ireland from Kenya he says will cost him about 700 Euros which is close to 122,000 Kes.

Brady’s plea for help has garnered attention on social media platforms, with many expressing sympathy for his situation and expressing their willingness to contribute to his fundraiser.

@patrickbrady680this coming Friday the 13th guys please if you can come and support me time will be 8pm kenya time please check the time from your country. if you wish to send to me please ask in my dm for number thank you so much

ā™¬ original sound – paddy


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