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Kajiado Politician Exposed For Working With John Matara To Steal From Ladies

A Kajiado politician has been linked to John Matara, the prime suspect in the murder of Starlet Wahu.

According to an NTV report, the politician is alleged to have enticed women with promises of payments ranging from Ksh15,000 to Ksh25,000 for a night of intimacy, only to rob them of their belongings and engage in illicit activities.

The report further claims that once the politician commits the theft, John Matara, the prime suspect, reportedly assumes the role of a taxi driver, facilitating the escape from the crime scene.

Disturbingly, Matara is said to have formed a small team, comprising both men and women, who reportedly blackmailed individuals seeking sexual favors in various Nairobi suburbs.

An anonymous escort shared chilling details, revealing that Matara often posed as different personas to deceive unsuspecting targets. In one instance, he played the role of an enraged husband catching an alleged affair, while in another, he functioned as the getaway driver for criminal activities.

One harrowing account involved the assault and robbery of a Nigerian national who fell victim to a scheme orchestrated by Matara and accomplices.

The assailants, pretending to be Airbnb operators, lured the victim under false pretenses, attacked him, and coerced him into revealing his mobile money PIN.

The stolen funds were then transferred, and the victim was left traumatized and stranded.


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