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“Heri Ninyonge” Oga Obinna Claims He’d Not Get Turned On By Akothee Or Pritty Vishy

If Akothee and Pritty Vishy were the only women left in the world, Oga Obinna says he’d rather m@sturb*te.

During a conversation with Kamene Goro and her husband DJ Bonez, Oga Obinna found himself faced with a hypothetical question.

The discussion revolved around the idea of men wishing they had married a particular woman, and in Obinna’s case, he mentioned Amber Ray.

DJ Bonez suggested that Obinna should consider a choice between Akothee and Pritty Vishi, who is known as Stivo Simple Boy’s bitter ex-girlfriend.

Obinna deliberated on the options presented to him, considering the reality of men having preferences when it comes to choosing a life partner.

Kamene quickly interjected, stating that Amber Ray was not on the list. Despite this, Obinna remained firm in his decision, asserting that Amber Ray is the only woman who drives him crazy.

akothee showing off legsIn a lighthearted moment, Obinna concluded that he would choose neither Akothee nor Pritty Vishi, humorously stating, “Wacha ninyonge,” which left everyone present in stitches.

Earlier in the conversation, Obinna had been asked to choose between Amber Ray and Tiktoker Trisha Khalid, and he ultimately settled for Amber as his preferred choice.

Obinna’s preference for Amber Ray stems from the belief that she possesses all the qualities he desires in a woman.

Amber Ray proudly parades her fat camel toe a month after giving birthHe acknowledged that pursuing a relationship with her may not be feasible. Despite the hypothetical nature of the conversation, Obinna’s admiration for Amber Ray remained apparent.

It’s important to note that the discussions on their podcast are usually in a light-hearted manner and are not reflective.

Ultimately, the conversation between Obinna, Kamene Goro, and DJ Bonez was meant for fun and entertaining exchange, providing an amusing glimpse into their perspectives and choices regarding potential partners.

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