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“Niliwawarn” Moya David Poses With A Mercedes Benz G Wagon After His V8 Was Allegedly Confiscated

“Bora ako na gari ata kama ni ya mumamaz, ama anakulwa sim 2, wewe unatembea miguu kama swara umeparara.” Singer Mtu Necessary defends Moya David.

Moya David is struggling to salvage his reputation, after he was exposed for cheating on his rich female sponsor Sophy Maresch allegedly.

Renowned TikToker David Moya, known for his captivating dance moves and viral TikTok videos, has recently addressed speculation surrounding his relationship status.

The talented dancer candidly revealed that he is currently not in a romantic relationship. Moya emphasized that, at this point in his life, his primary focus is on financial endeavors rather than pursuing love.

Moya David believes that capitalizing on his celebrity status and seizing opportunities will allow him to maximize his financial potential.

In a surprising turn of events, Moya David recently made headlines for looking to sell one of his prestigious Moya City beauty spa for KSh 4.5 million.

Sharing a video on his TikTok page, Moya stood outside his spa situated along Ngong Road, inviting investors and individuals interested in the beauty industry to make an offer.

The decision to sell his business, which he initially opened in July 2022 and had inspired many, raises questions. However, Moya David confidently asserted that he owes no explanations for his business decisions.

Unfortunately, the TikToker also found himself at the center of controversy when allegations surfaced that he is a sugar baby, with a wealthy woman funding his luxurious lifestyle.

Reports by blogger Edgar Obare claimed that Moya David was involved with a sponsor named Sophy Maresch, who allegedly provided financial support and lavish gifts.

sophy maresch and moya david

It was even alleged that his sponsor purchased a Prado and the Moya City beauty parlor for him.

Further rumors suggested that Moya David’s alleged infidelity led to him losing his Prado TX and the spa business, with the woman who had bought him the Toyota V8 allegedly confiscating it.

Amid these allegations and the ensuing gossip, Moya David posed with a Mercedes Benz G Wagon shortly after the incident using President Ruto’s popular audio piece, “Na Nilikua Nimewawarn!” (I had warned them).

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