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“Oaneni!” Betty Kyallo Excited As Bena Wamalines ‘Proposes’ To Her Live On TV

Bena Wamalines took his once in a life time shot at the beautiful and alluring Betty Kyallo live on TV.

In a moment that took everyone by surprise, content creator Bena Wamalines got down on both knees and proposed to popular media personality Betty Kyallo during her guest appearance on the Chipukeezy Show. The proposal although just an act left Betty excited and filled with joy, as she took to social media to share her experience.

During Betty Kyallo’s appearance on the Chipukeezy Show, Bena Wamalines took the opportunity to express his love and adoration to her in a grand gesture.

Emulating the style of a traditional marriage proposal, Bena got on both knees though as he presented Betty with a white box.

This unexpected moment captivated viewers and left Betty in complete shock.

After the exhilarating show, Betty Kyallo took to Instagram to share her excitement and express gratitude for the memorable experience.

Betty KyalloShe described the show as a fun and vibrant atmosphere, filled with laughter and positive energy.

Betty’s post on Instagram read, “We had a good time on @chipukeezy, catch our vibe tonight on @kbcchannel1 at 8pm. Talking life, @unapologeticafrica, and lots of laughs, plus flowers.”

It’s been a while since Betty shared her latest happenings in her love life.


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