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“Siwezi Nyonya Maboringo Mzee!” Huddah Monroe Reveals What She Can’t Do For Money

Even if it’s for money, “Ain’t no way I’m s*cking old balls!” Huddah Monroe says.

In a recent revelation on her Instagram, popular social media personality and entrepreneur, Huddah, opened up about her stance on what she is unwilling to do for money.

Huddah Monroe believes that unless someone’s father is President Ruto, obtaining a good life requires hard work and determination. She emphasized that relying on destiny or waiting for a privileged life to be handed to you on a silver platter is simply unrealistic. Huddah’s words serving as advice, particularly to the younger generation, reminding them of the importance of persistence and the need to actively work towards achieving their goals.

She firmly believes that a good life cannot be obtained by simply waiting or expecting others to provide. Instead, Huddah encourages taking a proactive approach. While acknowledging the potential allure of a sugar daddy or other quick fixes, she warns that these paths often lead to exploitation and disappointment.

Addressing the younger generation, Huddah advises against adopting a passive mentality that expects destiny to provide a carefree lifestyle. She urges Gen Z to break free from the illusion of escaping the matrix and emphasizes the necessity of putting in the work to achieve success. Huddah aims to motivate young individuals to embrace hustling as a means to create a better life for themselves.Huddah Monroe

While it may be tempting to seek shortcuts or rely on external support, Huddah brings attention to the potential consequences. She says, even if it’s for money “Ain’t no way I’m sucking old balls!”

Huddah encourages individuals to focus on building their own success through hard work rather than relying on shortcut methods.


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