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Nyota Ndogo Explains Why She Did Not Name Her Son After Her Mzungu Husband 

Amid concerns about her son’s dark skin complexion, Nyota Ndogo has now revealed that she named her baby after herself and not her mzungu husband.

The celebrated Coast-based singer, whose real name is Mwanaisha Abdalla, was recently forced to explain why she named her newborn son after herself and not her Danish husband Henning Nielsen.

The ‘Watu Na Viatu’ hitmaker named the bundle of joy Abdalla, which is obviously her name too.

In a statement on social media, Nyota Ndogo revealed that that her husband and her made an agreement concerning how they were to name their child even before she gave birth.

According to Nyota Ndogo, if the unborn baby was a boy, then they were to name him after her father Abdalla and if it was a baby girl, they were to name her after the mother of her mzungu hubby.

In the post, Nyota Ndogo also made it clear that even though the young one was not named after Henning Nielsen, he will still be known as his child no matter what.

“Mimi naitwa MWANAISHA ABDALLA MOHAMED..ABDALLA JINA LA tulisikizana akiwa mvulana ni babaangu akiwa mschana ni mamaake.aladu hakuna cha ajabu sio mimi wakwanza kuzaa na mzungu abdalla atabaki kua abdalla alstrup nielsen .mwenyewe anazidi kua mweusi sijui yuanitafuta nini.musishangae mzungu kuitwa abdalla.” Nyota Ndogo wrote.

The name issue arose just days after Nyota Ndogo expressed concerns about her newborn baby’s dark complexion moments after she gave birth.

Sharing a partial photo of her newborn baby, Nyota Ndogo expressed fear that her baby’s dark skin tone could spark claims that she cheated on her 61-year-old mzungu husband Henning Neilsen who is a Danish citizen.

Nyota Ndogo’s baby doesn’t have a light skin tone typical of ‘pointee’ children born to interracial parents.

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