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Nyota Ndogo Back With Mzungu Lover After Swearing She Left Him

Singer Nyota Ndogo is back in a relationship with her estranged mzungu husband months after she revealed she is ready to move on with her life without him.

Taking to her Instagram, Nyota Ndogo uploaded a photo of her and the said Mzungu hubby looking happy at SGR Voi station.

Nyota Ndogo captioned the photo claiming that the Mzungu had gone to her after missing her while he was away.

‚ÄúNgasema ngamiss ngablack ngake. Ngajileta mwenyewe. Love is something else usicheze na love,‚ÄĚ she wrote.

The reunion between the two love birds comes at the back of Nyota Ndogo’s efforts to reconcile with her husband following a disagreement.

Nyota Ndogo and her hubby Photo Instagram

Nyota Ndogo has been taking to her social media updating her fans about her relationship with the lover. She has also been trying to woe the lover to get back to her on her social media pages.

She has been begging the lover to get back to her noting that she was craving for his love and was never in a relationship with him just because of his money. According to the Coast-based singer, money is secondary to her love for her husband.

“ Plzz come back to me. mimi hata sio pesa nalilia love. Nilikua na act don’t care couse nakula nalala vizuri najilipia bills zangu mwenyewe but one thing nakosa from you ni love. Kumbe pesa sio kila kitu muimu kupata mtu unaempenda na wewe kwako nimefika mwisho yani kama hurudi ntajifia single, “ she said.

Nyota Ndogo revealed that their breakup was caused by a prank she made to the lover which did not sit well for him. She revealed that on April 1st this year, she pranked the hubby that she was pregnant which in return caused their breakup.

Following the breakup, the hubby flew back to their country and blocked the singer’s number leaving her restless and in agony.


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