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Beautician Reveal What They Find In Nairobi Women’s Private Parts During Bikini Waxing

A Bikini waxer has come out to reveal what beauticians go through while serving their clients.

The bikini waxer identified as Stephanie Laynes has come out to give details of the worst things some beauticians experience in their line of work.

In a video shared on Tik Tok, Laynes noted in her job as a bikini waxer, she has come to know that most women don’t wash their private parts and don’t know how to properly use toilet paper.

She also noted that some women go for bikini waxing immediately after they have sex without even taking a bath. She claims that such women leave evidence of them engaging in sex in their stores.

“We know when you don’t wash you a***. We know that you don’t know how to use toilet paper correctly, there’s always a bit stuck,” Stephanie said.

“We know when you have sex and come in to get a wax. You leave evidence with us on our treatment table and the smell still stays even when you’re gone.”

She, therefore, asked women to at least wash their private parts before they seek their services.

Within her line of duty, Stephanie noted that most women don’t know how to use toilet paper. She said that women when they go for bikini waxing, there are always some parts of toilet particles stuck in their private region.

“A Brazilian waxer would know that many people don’t realize how much toilet paper is still stuck in the nether regions and then when it falls out, you look at me like it’s mine,” she said.

She noted that she is noting judging women by revealing their dirty side but trying to reveal to the world what people like her go through in their daily jobs. She also noted that through her revelation, many women can be empowered to start improving on their hygiene.

“I was sharing what many estheticians who deal with Brazilian waxing, what lots of massage therapists endure, what nurses endure, and what the OBG or neurology [go through].

“Anyone that deals with the genitals this is what we endure, especially when you ignore the request,” she said.


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