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Nyota Ndogo Addresses Claims Of Cheating On Her Dannish Husband

Singer Nyota Ndogo has been reduced into tears after online trolls targeted her baby, who was born just a few weeks ago, again.

Trolls claimed that her Danish husband, Henning Nielsen, is not the child’s biological father because he is black.

According to the watu na viatu hitmaker, some claimed that the man who cooks her chapatis is the one who was responsible for her pregnancy.

“Unaposhika simu yako wewe kwenye social media unapoandika kitu au kumtukana mtu ambaye hujui, maneno ya kuudhi. I don’t know if you know they catch feelings. I don’t care about a¬† lot of things that you talk about,” the mother if three said.

“But if there is something that has pained me is when¬† someone comes to my wall and say that the pregnancy I carried is for my Chapati cook. That my pregnancy is not my husband’s but the cook’s. When I imagine that I am the one cooking the chapatis, my breast get burnt the whole day because I am selling chapatis and then someone from nowhere claims that if my baby is black then his biological father is my chapati cook,”

Nyota Ndogo wondered how she could impregnate herself, urging social media users to be cautious of their comments.

“You have hurt me so much. The baby is black, his dad has so issues, he is so happy I brought him an African child. Were you there when the chapati cook impregnated me? Pleas let’s respect each other,” she said.

Nyota and her husband welcomed their bundle of joy in mid-February.

“Welcome home my child but this color…I will be told that I cheated. You decided to take after your father’s hair but the color is ours, welcome Abdalla,” she shared on Facebook.


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