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Auntie Boss Actress Nyce Wanjeri Losses Nearly 10 Kilos As She Struggles To Shed Off Baby Fat

Nyce Wanjeri broke up with her husband, got a new man, got pregnant and gave birth in July 2023.

The Auntie Boss actress gained weight when she was pregnant with her second daughter Pendo Chemutai.

She ultimately gave birth to her daughter in July this year and now she has embarked on a weight loss journey.

Taking to her Instagram account in a latest post, Nyce Wanjeri disclosed that she had already lost some 8.6 Kgs, from previously weighing 110.0 Kgs to now weighing 101.4 Kgs.

In the post the mother of two further disclosed that she was using a slimming tea to aid her in the weight loss process, even though she never disclosed how long she had been in the journey.

“Wewe ‘sometimes. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures aren’t just about losing 10 kg plus. They’re about transforming not just your body but your life,” she wrote.

Nyce Wanjeri broke up with her husband before she got into a relationship with her new baby daddy.

The Auntie Boss Actress endured all manner of torture in her marriage including physical abuse.

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