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Daddie Marto Claims He Wants To Undergo Vasectomy For Family Planning

“I’m really done this time! None of my kids are planned. All my kids are oops babies!” Daddie Marto and wife are thinking of a life changing decision together.

Popular actor and content creator Daddie Marto’s wife, Koku Lwanga, has shared that the couple is contemplating permanent contraception to avoid expanding their family further.

The couple, already parents to three children, is considering either vasectomy or tubal ligation as a means of ensuring they don’t have any more unplanned additions to their family.

Koku Lwanga disclosed that none of their three children were planned, humorously referring to them as “oops babies.” However, she emphasized that this time around, she is determined to focus on personal and professional pursuits.

“The petition I’d give God is that I have things I need to do. I still need to go back to school and build my brand,” she expressed.

Explaining their considerations for family planning, Koku shared, “Marto has considered vasectomy, and I have considered tubal ligation, but we are still on the fence.”

The couple seems to be carefully weighing their options, recognizing the permanence of these procedures and the impact they would have on their future family planning.

Opening up about the unplanned nature of their previous pregnancies, Koku revealed that their first child was conceived when they were still dating and not actively taking precautions.

The second child, she explained, came soon after she had stopped using the copper coil for contraception.

“The second born, I had just gotten off birth control, which is the copper coil, and I was taking a break; literally a month later, I was pregnant,” she reveals.


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