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“Alimwaga Ndani!” Gospel Singer Justina Syokau Is Pregnant Finally

Gospel singer Justina Syokau says she’s pregnant after getting married recently.

The revelation, accompanied by Syokau’s peculiar behavior of spitting saliva on the ground and repeatedly exclaiming ‘Oh my God,’ left many netizens puzzled and divided in their reactions during an interview.

In the interview, Syokau addressed the public’s anticipation for her traditional release of a New Year’s-themed song every December. However, she surprised her fans by announcing that she won’t be singing a 2024 song. She expressed frustration over the persistent requests from Kenyans, urging her to refrain from releasing a New Year’s song.

“I pray that Kenyans believe I am not singing a New Year song. Right now, I am busy being shown love, so let me concentrate on that,” Syokau declared, visibly irritated.

She went on to dismiss the speculations and criticisms, saying, “I do not know if it’s the perfume this interviewer has that is irritating me. In short, I won’t be singing a 2024 song. People should stop harassing me in the streets. And people should stop being angry with me and stop being in my DMs telling me to do whatever I want but not to sing a 2024 song. I have no business singing a 2024 song.”

The video sparked a myriad of reactions from the online community, with some expressing concern about Syokau’s unusual behavior, while others accused her of seeking attention. The pregnancy claim further fueled the controversy, leaving fans and followers unsure of whether to take the announcement seriously or view it as a stunt.

As the online debate continues, it remains to be seen how Justina Syokau’s unexpected revelations will impact her career and public perception. Whether this is a genuine pregnancy announcement or a strategic move to garner attention, it has undeniably stirred the pot and added a new layer of complexity to the singer’s public life.


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