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“Nothing Is Impossible With God” Babushka Leaves Fans Confused As He Unveils New Look

April 1 is Fools Day and it seems digital content creator Babushka, who is abled differently, has decided to participate in the fun.

Babushka took to his Instagram to announce a new chapter of his life by sharing his photo standing on his two feet.

Babushka, who was born crippled, said that it had been a long process but God had done his miracles.

“Nothing is impossible to God. New month new look. I am super excited that I am on my feet. I feel like it is a miracle. It has been a long process but God has done his work. New chapter of my life officially begins 1st April 2024. To God be the glory,” he stated.

To add on that, Babushka deactivated all the other posts on his Instagram account, as a sign of a new beginning.

“New month, new beginning, new chapter of my life. We start afresh. Had to delete all posts in honor and memory of this special day,” he said.


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Babushka’s move has left netizens confused has he never shared any plans about undergoing any procedures  that would see him on his feet.

Other however believe that is the part of Fools’ day tricks that Kenyans have been pulling as others hoped that what they were seeing would come true one day.

“Kesho nisikuone ukifanya content na tufloaters,” one told him.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Babushka revealed that after his birth, many were convinced that he was a bad omen and curse to his family.

“Growing up, I though I was the only one who was born like this, I was not composed or exposed to see other people who were like me. In that village, I was the only one. Villagers advised my mother to throw me away saying I wouldn’t help her, wondering how I would go to school.

“I am so proud of my parents, they showed me love and support,” he said.


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