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How Mpango Wa Kando Stole 200 Million From Governor Gideon Mung’aro

Governor Gideon Mung’aro who is married to a mzungu, was shown dust by his hottie lover Loise Makena allegedly.

A former insider, seeking anonymity, unveiled the hidden truths of Kilifi County’s murky dealings to blogger Cyprian Nyakundi. At the heart of it was Makena, a 30-year-old surveyor, who captured Governor Mung’aro with her charms and ambitions.

Their secret relationship, spanning three years, seemed built on trust and intimacy. However, Makena had some ulterior motives. She cleverly used her influence over Mung’aro to orchestrate schemes that drained public funds and enriched their coffers.

Their collaboration began during Mung’aro’s tenure as the Cabinet Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Lands. They set up front companies to siphon millions from county resources under the guise of consultancy services.

As Mung’aro aimed for the Kilifi seat, Makena’s role expanded to managing campaigns and securing dubious deals. She controlled substantial sums, estimated at $2 million or around Ksh. 200 million, and acquired properties using Mung’aro’s name.

The tale took a dark turn when Makena disappeared, leaving behind empty promises and a devastated governor.

Mung’aro, once blinded by passion, now faced the harsh reality of betrayal and shattered dreams blogger Nyakundi reveals.


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