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“Nlikua Naombea Edday” Samidoh Reacts To Old Photo Shown To Him 

Samidoh was reminded of how he suffered with his estranged wife Edday Nderitu before fame and money came.

Fans took Samidoh down the memory line following recent events that left Edday completely heartbroken.

Samidoh, Karen Nyamu and their children spent the holiday season at the singer’s rural home in Oljororok, Nyandarua County.

Critics faulted Karen Nyamu for sleeping in Edday Nderitu’s matrimonial house lamenting that it was not appropriate to do so.

Edday reacted with anger after Karen Nyamu invaded her matrimonial house.

Following the events that happened in Oljororok, fans decided to remind Samidoh where he came from with his estranged wife.

A netizen commenting on Samidoh’s Facebook post shared a photo of the singer, Edday and their children praying together.

“Kuja unitusi but ujue haya maombi yakijibiwa ujue simu yakuonea micheal kwa net hutakuwa nayo,” Julii Jackson told Samidoh.


In a quick rejoinder, Samidoh laughed off the photo and said that he was praying for Edday without mentioning her name.

“”Julii Jackson hehe hapo ni mimi naomba nanii,” Samidoh wrote.

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