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“Nimekuja Na Bibi Yangu Kucontrol Emotions” Bahati Cracks UDA Officials

Singer Kevin Bahati has officially joined President William Ruto’s party UDA after encountering frustrations and challenges in Azimio.

In a press conference to announce the news, the father of five recounted what he went through before the August 2022 elections, adding that he was happy to be in the ruling party which supports the youth.

He further said that he brought his wife Diana to the press conference so that he can be able to fight emotions.

“I have never spoken since August 8. I saw dust, I used to cry on the other side. I would wake up only to find my ticket had been snatched, going to the other side am told to step down,  the other side am told I will be given a job, which was to sing.

“Nimefurahi sana kuja hapa UDA kwa sababu hii ni chama inaamini sana vijana, inaheshimu usanii, talanta. Sitaki kuongea sana nisilie ndio sababu nimekuja na bibi yangu kucontrol emotions,” Bahati said.

At the same time he asked president Ruto to forgive him after he disappointed him yet he was the first person to believe in his political dream.

“Kama kuna mti ambaye alianiamini wakati nilisema nataka kusimama kiti mara ya kwanza Mathare ni our dear president na mimi naona niimwangusha sana. Hapo nawezasema nilikuwa kigeugeu naomba anisamehe kwa hio na kutoka sahi nimesoma na nimeelewa. I am the prodigal son. Mtu asiwahi sema mimi ni kuwazimia mimi ni UDA damu,” Bahati said



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