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“Nimekuja Kumshushia Nyavu!” Drama As Justina Syokau Visits Ringtone Apoko’s Home Uninvited

“Alituma message usiku wa manane ati anataka kushusha nyavu hadi kilindini, nimekuja kumshushia nyavu.” Justina Syokau says.

Drama unfolded as Kenyan gospel artist Justina Syokau made shocking claims against fellow musician Ringtone Apoko.

In a bizarre turn of events, Syokau revealed that she had visited Ringtone’s home uninvited, alleging that he had been sending inappropriate messages late into the night, leading to the breakdown of her marriage with her billionaire husband. Hii huwa story ya jaba ama ni real?

Syokau, known for her spirited gospel music, took to social media to accuse Ringtone of attempting to interfere in her personal life. The singer claimed that the messages from Ringtone were not only persistent but also contained explicit content, suggesting an intimate interest in her.

In response to these allegations, Syokau made an unexpected visit to Ringtone’s residence, intending to address the situation.

“Shusha nyavu,” a trending phrase from Christina Shusho’s song, has now taken on a different meaning in the context of this scandal. According to Syokau, Ringtone used the phrase in the messages, insinuating his desire to engage in intimate activities. The artist expressed her frustration, saying, “He told me he loves me! Ringtone ruined my marriage. He would send messages even late into the night, saying he wanted to be with me. I am here to give him what he wants.”

The video has since sparked discussions and debates among netizens, with opinions divided on the authenticity of the claims and the appropriateness of Syokau’s public stunts these days.

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