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“Hii Imeenda!” Daddy Owen Introduces Charlene Ruto To His Mother

Charlene Ruto met members of Daddy Owen family including his mother in Kakamega.

The award-winning gospel star, Daddy Owen, has frequently been linked to Charlene due to their joint involvement in various charitable events. Multiple sources confirmed that a grand ceremony took place in Eshifiru village within Kakamega county, substantiated by exclusive photos that, while unseen by the public, validate the event as a prearranged affair.

Charlene, adorned in a red dress, was escorted by a substantial security contingent, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of Isikuti dancers. Captured dancing to Luhya songs surrounded by women, Charlene radiated joy, while Owen donned a brown and black designer shirt with a black hat.

Despite its relatively low-key nature, the ceremony drew the presence of select celebrities, including Owen’s siblings. Charlene’s entourage consisted of close friends.

The celebration featured a diverse array of food, ranging from traditional meals to an assortment of beverages, creating an atmosphere filled with joy, as described by a local source. Owen’s mother and Charlene engaged in a gift exchange, reminiscent of a daughter’s visit to her mother.

During the ceremony, Owen tied a leso around Charlene’s waist, leaving villagers in awe of the heartfelt exchange. Attempts to reach Daddy Owen for comments were unsuccessful at the time of publication.

In November, Owen shared photos of himself playing basketball with Charlene, sparking rumors and speculation about their relationship. When questioned by Milele FM, Daddy Owen addressed the rumors, emphasizing the professional nature of their connection, highlighting their friendship and collaborative projects.

Not every association implies a romantic involvement, but netizens now believe something will surely come out of their friendship and as reported by Nairobi News.



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