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“Nimeiva Kuliko Dem Yako” Cross-dresser Bahati Tells Off All Netizens Criticizing Him

Bahati is enjoying his soft girl era. “Unaongea mbaya na nimeiva kuliko dem yako?” he asks after sharing his cross-dressing video.

Over the years, former gospel singer Bahati has become a polarizing figure, constantly making headlines with his unconventional content choices and daring persona. Alongside his wife, Diana Marua, the couple has been generating significant attention for their unorthodox content. Despite facing criticism from netizens, Bahati remains steadfast and unapologetic about his content and self-expression.

Bahati’s evolution from a gospel singer to a cross-dresser has surprised and even dismayed some of his fans and followers. Many were initially drawn to his music as a gospel artist, and his decision to explore a new facet of secular music and his new identity has been met with mixed reactions.

In a world often constrained by societal norms and expectations, Bahati’s audacity to embrace cross-dressing challenges traditional stereotypes is becoming a concern in societies where conservative practices are a norm generally.

With his latest video, Bahati says he looks hotter than most of his critics’ girlfriends.

Many fans say Diana Marua is controlling him to engage in such content. In his gospel music days, this would not happen. Others believe the citizens of Mathare made a good choice of not voting him as MP in the 2022 general elections.


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