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“Nyenyenye Fyuuuu!” Diamond Responds To Claims Of Copying Nigerian Songs

Diamond has broken silence after being accused of copying songs of Nigerian artists such as Spyro, Burna Boy, Wizkid among others.

While reacting to a post by Juma Jux on their recently released song, Enjoy, Diamond told off critics saying those who sample music are considered as geniuses while for them they are accused of copying.

“Niko angani to TORONTO CANADA, naskia huko duniani kila nyumba, Club chochoro na kona ya Mtandao Gumzo ni Enjoy. Hayo Mengine niachie mie….Ukisikia Mtoto anapiga kelele ujue bakora imemuingia!…Maana Wakifanya Wengine, utaskia Magenius Wanaakili Wamesample, tukifanya sie tumekopi! Wangekua waumiza vichwa kweli wangeimba Mangaka, lizombe au Lingunjumu Ngoma na miziki ya kwetu…Mbona wameenda Kudandia Amapiano? tena zakuandikiwa… Nyenyenye! Nyenyenye! Fyuuuuu!.,” the artist said.

An online blog listed some of the songs by Diamond that are believed to have been copied from Nigerian artists. They include Enjoy which allegedly sounds like Spyro’s Who is your guy.

His song with Mbosso, Yataniua is believed to have been copied from Asake’s song PBuy, Jeje from Wizkid’s Joro, Gidi from Burna Boy’s Gbona.

Diamond is also said to have copied Wizkid’s show you money, Tems’ Esssence and Naira Marley’s Soapy that sound like Baba Lao.

Ali Kiba and Harmonize, Diamond’s biggest rivals are some of Tanzanian artists who weighed in on the discussion.

“Tunadhalilisha mziki wa Tanzania kwa kufanya plagiarism. Umizeni vichwa vijana. Sampling is okay but plagiarism no,” Ali Kiba said on Twtter.

Harmonize on the other hand took to Insta stories to say, “This goes to y’all Kondegangs. Especially Tanzania, personally I don’t have have anything to prove in our own country. I really don’t have energy to fight my own blood. Brothers that’s why I swear to God we old for that. It can be business yess but what’s the future? We are lucky enough to be Africans let’s learn from our brothers Nigeria. Mambo ya kuvunjana mioyo, kuchambana, kuchekana huyu kakosea huyu kapatia tunanonyeshana mapungufu na kujishuhsa wenyewe. One love. Let everyone do it on his own way, we all going to the top.”


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