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Nandy’s Husband Billnass Drops Strongest Hints That She Is Cheating On Him 

Bongo singer Billnass hinted at trouble in his marriage to Nandy as he talked about unfaithfulness.

Billnass and Nandy got married in a traditional wedding in February 2022 but on March 22nd the sultry singer announced she was heartbroken by him and they briefly parted ways.

However, the celebrity couple got back together and even got married in a white wedding in July 2022.

Billnass hinted at trouble in his marriage during a recent interview where he talked about unfaithfulness in marriages on the part of women.

Nenga, as he is known by his nickname, pointed out that a large percentage of women deviate from their marriages, whether they are married to a poor or rich man.

The father of one child said that even if almost all women cheat, he noted that women who are married to a rich men can cheat but cannot leave her marriage but the poor one can cheat and leave her marriage.

“Kitu kimoja ambacho nikuambie, ukiwa na pesa, yaani ukiwa na hela… sababu watu wanasema tajiri anachitiwa na maskini vile vile anachitiwa, hatujui wanawake wanataka nini. Lakini ngoja mimi niwaambie, ukiwa na hela ni rahisi mwanamke anaweza akakuchiti lakini ni ngumu kukuacha lakini ukiwa maskini hauna hela, mwanamke anaweza akakuchiti na kukuacha,” he said.

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