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Andrew Kibe Unbowed By YouTube Ban As He Returns With Rival Platform 

The termination of Andrew Kibe’s YouTube channel has turned out to be a blessing for him.

The controversial content creator is making a major comeback on a platform that rivals YouTube.

Kibe has boldly declared that the new platform ‘Yafreeka’ will take over by storm because it does not have corporate red tape like YouTube.

Rather than succumbing to despair after his YouTube channel was terminated, Kibe took proactive measures to ensure his content and influence would continue to thrive in the digital realm.

Through his various social media channels, Kibe conveyed an unwavering determination, stating unequivocally that not even death could deter his pursuit of success.

Fans from all corners have been vocal in their support for Kibe, with many expressing their anticipation of the new platform’s launch.

“Kibe is the best, the whole story has been trending the whole day. People have been saying I will go and wash old grannies. We have been waiting for this day. Kucancelliwa a YouTube channel is that news? They had not employed me. It doesn’t make sense. I now have my own platform, Yafreeka. By Friday, we will be going live on that platform,” Kibe announced.

“Let’s build our own thing so that we can be our own watchmen. How can they dominate us? That I cannot say what I want to because people will get offended. I will never stop doing this unless you find a way to kill me, Ata kama nitabaki na watu wawili. I will whip you daily,” he added.


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