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Nameless Comes Clean On Undergoing Vasectomy

“Nameless is NOT seedless buana,” Singer Nameless has come out to address  reports about him undergoing vasectomy.

Reports that Nameless had gone through the male birth control procedure emerged during the weekend.

In an interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, the Salary hitmaker said that he was done having children. He added that he had taken upon himself to ensure that he and Wahu don’t get more children.

“Tumefunga. Nimeenda vasectomy. Nimeona nitake things into my own hands. Tumefunga. At this time, three girls I am happy with  that and we are feeling blessed Shiru anatukeep busy,” he told the YouTuber.

Through his Instagram account on Monday, the legendary artist however said that he was not serious about the subject and that he was just thinking of it.

According to him he has never undergone the procedure. Nameless further revealed that his mother contacted him about the matter after the story went viral.

“Alaaar.. guys , hamujui jokes buana … Nameless is NOT seedless buana😂😂😂… To be clear, I just said I am thinking of going for Vasectomy, sijaEnda buana,.. wueh 🤷🏾‍♂️🥵.mpaka napigiwa na mum kuniuliza kwanini nazuia further blessings…😂😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
#NamelessInNotSeedless #NiJokesTu, he said, adding that he will not have more children.


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Reacting to the post, a section of his fans were glad that he is still able to give birth.

“Keep the blessings coming, sisi kama online aunties we agree with mum, keep getting the sweet loves with Wahu,” a fan commented on the post.

Another netizen however wanted Nameless to prove that whatever he was saying was true.

“Tunajuaje unasema ukweli,wapi ultrasound,” the fan wrote.

“Vasectomy only works if you tell your wife, otherwise it doesn’t ,” another commented.

Others however told him that it would be hard to stop the rumors since they had already spread widely.




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