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KRG’s 18-Year-Old Look-Alike Son Brighder Demands Only Recognition From Him, Not His Money

Brighder got the courage to confront KRG after Yvonne met the musician to determine her paternity.

The 18-year-old opened up about being KRG’s son while speaking during an interview with Vincent Mboya.

Brighder, who bears a striking resemblance to KRG, said his mother is Tanzanian.

“My mom is a Tanzanian but amenilea Kenya. Kupata sheng nimepatia Kenya. My life nimespend Kenya, nimesoma Kenya, kila kitu nimefanya Kenya. Ametokea Moshi, a place called Mwika,” he said.

Brighder further disclosed that her mother had not told him about his biological son until after Susan Kinyanjui came out to demand that KRG takes care of their daughter Yvonne.

“Dad my mom huwa anashindaga akisema ni a Kenyan and also like huwa anasemanga ni a big artiste. Then sa from there huwa ananyamaza. But sasa last week ndio kulikua na issues ju aliniambia my dad anatrend na story za watoi huko Kenya,” he said.

The teenager furthr told Mboya he was ready to provide necessary documents to prove that KRG is his father.

“Kama utaask for DNA ama nitoe documents zenye zineonyesha he is my father I am ready to do that. Ile time utafeel you want the full evidence utaniambia,” he daid,

Brighder further said that he only wanted to feel a father’s love and not be feel like an outcast.

“The thing that I want from the Don nataka tu like asiniassume like I want to experience the affection from a father. The love from a father. Hakuna kitu inginem si ati I am after pesa zake,” he said.

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