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“Nakutaka!” Mungai Eve Replies to Kenyan Kante’s Love And Valentine’s Proposal

“Mungai Eve, will you be my valentine? I love you so much!” Kenyan Kante confesses.

Kenyan Kante’s Instagram post somehow was done with sincerity, as he openly expressed his affection for Mungai Eve, showing off the treat that awaits her, if she says yes.

In the age of social media, romantic gestures often play out in the public eye, leaving spectators eagerly awaiting responses and reactions.

Such was the case when Kenyan Kante, through the medium of Instagram, made a heartfelt plea to Mungai Eve, asking her to be his Valentine.

The video he shared showed a lavish display of affection, accompanied by a caption filled with adoration.

There’s allegedly potential rift between Mungai Eve and Trevor, fueled by Trevor’s conspicuous actions on social media. Deleting photos of Mungai Eve and subsequently unfollowing her hinted at trouble in paradise within their relationship.

Mungai Eve chose to adopt privacy in her love relationship to shield her personal life from public scrutiny amid the breakup rumors.

Looks like Kante is taking advantage of the situation to pursue Eve.

Mungai Eve’s reaction was just a simple “Aaaah” accompanied by laughing emojis.


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