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Mulamwah Introduces A New ‘Bestie’ Who Looks Exactly Like Ruth K

“Hivo ndio Ruth K alikuwa anatembea, sai anatembea kama salamanda, tumbo imejaa!” A netizen tells Mulamwah.

Mulamwah has once again set tongues wagging on the internet with the introduction of his new “bestie” who bears an uncanny resemblance to his previous collaborator, Ruth K.

Mulamwah was spotted at an undisclosed location alongside the petite lady while shooting Valentine’s Day content.

Sporting a casual attire of a white shirt and grey pants, Mulamwah was seen strolling hand in hand with the petite lady, sparking nostalgic reactions among netizens who recalled his previous creative endeavors with Ruth K, who is currently expecting his child.

It appears that Mulamwah may have a particular preference when it comes to the type of women he associates with in his professional and personal life.

News about Mulamwah’s latest co-creator spread like wildfire across social media platforms, his comments section filled with reactions from fans and followers alike.

Many were quick to point out the striking resemblance between the new lady and both Ruth K and Carol Sonnie, with whom Mulamwah shares a child, Keilah despite their eventual separation.

Ruth K is currently heavy with child and Mulamwah is expecting to be a father to her baby boy soon.

The resemblance between Mulamwah’s former and current partners has prompted speculation and discussion among observers, with some attributing it to mere coincidence while others see it as a reflection of his personal tastes and preferences.


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