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Nazizi Asks For Prayers As She Is Set To Make First Public Appearance After Son’s Death 


Renowned rapper Nazizi Hirji continues to grapple with the profound loss of her son, even five months after his passing.

In a heartfelt message, Nazizi expressed her ongoing struggle with grief as she prepared to make her first public appearance since the tragedy.

Despite the passage of time, the pain of her son’s death remains palpable, and she sought strength from her supporters for the upcoming event.

“Pray for me as I do my first public appearance in Diani next week. Need all the strength for this one…as much as I just want to disappear and never come out it’s going on 5 months,” Nazizi wrote on InstaStories.

Nazizi’s son, Jazeel, tragically passed away on December 25, 2023, while the family was on holiday in Tanzania.

The loss was profound, and Jazeel was laid to rest on December 27 in Nairobi, following Islamic customs.

In a later revelation, Nazizi shared the heartbreaking cause of her son’s death, disclosing that Jazeel had succumbed to injuries sustained from a fall.

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