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“Niko Lonely Mbaya!” Colonel Mustapha Says He’s Now Ready To Marry And Start A Family

Colonel Mustapha has reportedly dated hot lasses like Maria, Huddah Monroe and socialite Noti Flow when he was still a top artist and entertainer.

After enduring a challenging period marked by depression and financial struggles, veteran musician Colonel Mustapha has announced his readiness to embark on a new chapter of life, which is now settling down, getting married, and starting a family.

The public eye turned towards Colonel Mustapha when a viral picture depicted him toiling on a construction site, a stark contrast to his former flamboyant persona.

Once a celebrated entertainer, Colonel Mustapha’s downward spiral into financial hardship prompted a wave of curiosity and concern among Kenyans. In a courageous move, he candidly addressed his struggles, shedding light on the circumstances that led to his downfall.

Colonel Mustapha revealed that his financial woes stemmed from his mother’s battle with lymphoma cancer, a diagnosis that left him depleted as he emptied his coffers to cover her medical expenses.

Forced to part with his prized possession, a Nissan Murano, Colonel Mustapha exhausted his savings in a desperate bid to support his mother’s treatment, all amidst the backdrop of a nationwide lockdown in 2020.

In response to his plight, compassionate Kenyans swiftly rallied behind Colonel Mustapha, launching a crowdfunding campaign that surpassed expectations, raising over a million shillings to aid in his mother’s medical journey.

Throughout this tumultuous period, Colonel Mustapha admits to struggling with loneliness and mental health challenges, abstaining from romantic relationships as he navigated his mother’s illness and his own emotional turmoil.

With his mother’s health on the mend now, Colonel Mustapha says he’s determined to rebuild his life, pursue his passion for music, and create a family of his own.

“I have been lonely for years now, mentally not well, fighting depression.But now that my mum is doing well, I think it’s time for me to get myself together,” Colonel Mustapha says.


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