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“Mtumishi In Love!” Netizens React As Pastor Kanyari Sings Secular Love Song On TikTok

“The one I love baby.Watajuaje wewe ndio mpoa wangu, nisipost, baby napost!” Pastor Kanyari sings.

Netizens are buzzing with reactions after Pastor Victor Kanyari, known for his controversial preaching, took to TikTok singing a secular love song. The move has sparked both curiosity and debate among online users.

Kanyari claimed his intentions behind joining the platform were pure and that he saw an opportunity to growth and reach millions. He says that his goal is not monetary gain but rather to reach out to the younger generation and make a positive impact in their lives. His aim is to extend a helping hand to individuals grappling with challenges like drug addiction.

Despite facing criticism and negativity on TikTok, Kanyari remains unshaken, citing his familiarity with detractors and their noise. He says he will not be swayed from his mission by trolls.

While he acknowledges receiving gifts from supporters abroad, totaling a significant amount within a short period, Kanyari emphasizes that his focus is on offering prayers and words of encouragement to his audience, not on financial gain.

He dismissed critics who profit from attacking him, maintaining his stance in the face of negativity.

In an unexpected turn, Kanyari also revealed his encounters with romantic advances from TikTok users, irrespective of gender. He claimed to be receiving explicit messages and photos.

During a recent live session, Kanyari appealed to a mysterious benefactor, King Roso to gift him lions, despite rumors linking him to the Illuminati saying he was not afraid of death.

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