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Murugi Munyi Reveals 11 Things That The Public Previously Didn’t Know About Her

Among the crazy things that Murugi Munyi revealed was that she pierced her body 16 times.

The mother of three on her Instagram stories chose to enlighten her fans and followers with a short synopsis of who she is.

“Get to know me,” she began.

Murugi listed her age, height birthday, her favorite food and drink, we didn’t know she had unusual piercings with tattoos.

One of the most interesting details about her was the staggering number of body piercings – 16 in total.

The content creator also revealed that she has a total of five tattoos.

Murugi Munyi later came out to clarify on her 16 piercings after it sparked a conversation from netizens who wondered what places of her body she had pierced.

“For everyone who has asked this…I have seven piercings in each ear and then a nose piercing and a belly piercing,” she said.

“Maybe 2024 will be the year I actually put earrings in all of them lol. Some of the ear ones I think are blocked by now,” she added.

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