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Daring Woman Hits Karen Nyamu Where It Hurts The Most And He Responds

Karen Nyamu squared him off with a daring woman who has repeatedly been insulting her on social media.

A woman identified as Mamake Blessing has consistently been reminding Karen Nyamu that she is a husband snatcher.

Mamake Blessing recently confronted Nyamu with the bitter truth prompting her response.

“Mwizi wa mabwana za wenyewe kanyau,” Mamake Blessing commented on Karen Nyamu’s post.


In a quick rejoinder, Karen Nyamu asked Mamake Blessing if she ever gets tired of telling her the same thing over and over again.

“Mamake Blessing huchokangi kusema kitu moja ona Christmas ikakaribia uki sema same thing,” Karen Nyamu asked.


Karen Nyamu and Samidohā€™s relationship has been going through turbulent times in recent days even though Edday Nderitu left him for her.

It all started when the two lovebirds unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh had a fight again and they decided to unfollow each other on social media.

Hawkeye online detective noticed the two lovebirds were no longer following each other on Instagram.

Samidoh was recently confronted by a fan who asked him about why he decided to unfollow his baby mama.

ā€œNa ni kama kinakuramba Sammidoh .Mbona uli unfollow huyo mmama wako??I thought ni mfavourite, look alike na sijui mscorpio,ā€ Sarah Gitau asked Samidoh.

In his response, Samidoh explained that it was just how life is.

ā€Sini life?ā€ Samidoh said adding laughing emojis.

Days after fans noticed they had unfollowed each other, Samidoh came out to publicly declare that he was single.

In a surprising turn of events, Samidoh announced that he was single in a live video, leaving fans and followers intrigued by the sudden revelation.

The Mugithi singer, known for his melodious tunes, shared the news with a touch of humor, revealing that despite being a self-proclaimed polygamous man, he is currently embracing a single status.

ā€œNilikua a polygamous man but saa hii niko single!ā€ Samidoh says.

Karen Nyamu recently dimissed critics who poked fun at her after Samidoh announced he was single.

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