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Gay Parties,Rituals,Illuminati! Why Pastor TD Jakes Is Trending

Man of God, Pastor TD Jakes has found himself embroiled in darkness and dirty accusations alongside his close friend P Diddy.

Renowned pastor TD Jakes is at the center of a social media storm. The catalyst for this controversy was a TikTok video posted by user named MYEi$HiA, making explosive claims about the pastor’s involvement in alleged scandalous activities.

The video linked back to a lawsuit filed by R&B singer Cassie Ventura against music mogul Diddy, where Ventura accused him of heinous acts during their decade-long relationship.

Although the civil lawsuit was settled, MYEi$HiA claims that Cassie had submitted additional evidence to the FBI, including tapes of Diddy’s extravagant parties and a burner phone belonging to Kim Porter, Diddy’s late ex-girlfriend and the mother of four of his children.

The most shocking revelation in the TikTok video was the claim that Pastor TD Jakes, a close friend of Diddy, was allegedly involved in these purportedly scandalous gatherings. The unidentified man in the clip alleged that Jakes participated in these events, engaging in relationships with multiple men.

The video fueled speculations and accusations, causing a social media frenzy and making TD Jakes a trending topic across various platforms.


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