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Mulamwah Explains Why He Doesn’t Own A Car Yet He’s Building Huge Mansion 

Mulamwah is building a big mansion in the village as he stays in a rented one-bedroom in Nairobi and doesn’t own a car.

The comedian recently opened up about why he doesn’t prefer owning a car at the moment.

Mulamwah explained that he doesn’t see the importance of owning a car at the moment, revealing that he usually commutes using public transport.

“Bado sijanunua gari ju bado sijaona importance sana ya kuwa na gari, mimi hupanda matatu kuenda job, kama ni meeting ya heshima ndio nachukua cab…sipendi pressure ya life,” Mulamwah said.

According to Mulamwah, unless he was in need of buying a car, he said he wouldn’t buy a car out of peer pressure.

“Kama meeting ya heshima nachukua cab sipendi pressure ya life,” he said.

Mulamwah’s lifestyle has attracted criticism from fellow celebrities.

Obinna in August this year strongly criticized Mulamwah for investing a lot of his money in the construction of a luxury house in his village while in Nairobi he lives in a rented one-bedroom house.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Obinna said that building a huge mansion in the village when one spends most of their time in the city was a wrong and bad investment.

Obinna said that he is one of the first comedians to build in his village but now looking back he sees that he was wrong in his decision to build in the village.

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