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“Kwani 8 Million Ya Mchango Ilienda Wapi?” Mourners Cry Foul After Being Denied Food At Brian Chira’s Burial 

Baba Talisha bought an iPhone 15 Pro Max worth Ksh270,000 after marshaling well-wishers to raise Ksh8 million for Brian Chira’s funeral yet mourners still went without food.

TikToker Cindy Baibe came out to cry foul after going without food at Chira’s funeral service held in Ingitei village, Githunguri, Kiambu County on March 26, 2024.

In the video, Cindy expressed her grievances about the treatment she received during the burial ceremony, particularly concerning the lack of food provided to attendees.

Casket bearing the remains of Brian Chira being lowered into the grave

The TikToker tearfully recounted her experience of being denied food at the burial site, despite the expectation of being catered to.

She expressed frustration over the dismissive response she received when inquiring about the availability of food, stating that she was only offered water.

“Niko na njaa wacha tu, nimepewa tu maji ya Chira. Hakuna food,” lamented Cindy in the video.

“Nimemwambia basi nionyeshe tent nataka kupanga line. Akaniambia sasa unataka kupanga line kwa watu? Si uende ukunywe soda na maandazi. Sitoki hapa. Mninbuyie food hata sijakula. Ninyimwe food. Sawa tu! Chakula yenye mtu ataenda atoe,” she added.


Brian Chira’s funeral fundraiser raised slightly more than Ksh8 million.

The fundraiser being led by fellow TikToker Baba Talisha attracted various users who contributed to the course to accord the content creator a decent send-off.

The fundraiser was held after Chira’s family asked Kenyans to help them bury their kin.

“Tushirikiane pamoja, if you guys can focus if you love Chira, Brian Chira is gone, ata kama alikua ni rival wako Chira was a good guy. Do anything you can to help the family and make this go through, najua wengi wanaumwa kama mimi but all is well, we have to trust God,” the family said.

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