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Most Secure And Affordable Estates In Nairobi

There is always a notion that Nairobi is one of the cities in the world that is not safe to live in. To some extent, the notion is not true there are places with the Kenyan capital that is not only safe but cheap to live in.

Some of those safe places to live in within Nairobi include;


If you are looking for areas within Nairobi that you can get a cheap house, then Utawala can be a great choice. Within this area, you can get a bedsitter at Ksh.6.000 and a one-bedroom at Ksh.10.000 on average.

Apart from the cheap houses, Utawala is not very populated. Therefore, here you will enjoy a quiet environment and get fewer cases of insecurity.


Though it’s a bit far from the Nairobi CBD, Rongai is a good place to stay now that it is not so populated. It also has social amenities, so you don’t have to go to town for shopping or take your kids for an outing. Rental houses in this area are also fairly cheap.


Kikuyu is not only one of the fastest-growing areas around Nairobi but also one of the most affordable places around the city.

Though it seems far from town, the fare to and from town is affordable. Apart from good security in the area, houses to are fairly cheap. A bedsitter can go for around Ksh.7,000 while a one-bedroom can cost between Ksh.13,000ksh and Ksh.16, 000ksh per month.


This is one of the oldest estates in Nairobi and over the years its has seen the development of many residential houses. It is an area mostly preferred by bachelors or newly employed graduates.

Here a one-bedroom house can cost between Ksh.9,000 and Ksh.18,000 per month while a bedsitter can cost between Ksh.5,500 and Ksh.12,000 a  month.


Home of Kenya’s largest mall, Thika Road Mall (TRM), Roysambu is the home of most upcoming middle-class and newly employed youths.

Its proximity to the Thika Superhighway make it ideal for those working in Nairobi’s CBD. At Roysambu, a one-bedroom house is between Ksh.15,000 and Ksh20,0000 per month while a bedsitter can cost between Ksh8, 000 and Ksh.12,000.


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